Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tough Times

This post is short. Sometimes life has issues but glad I can go to the Lord with them.
I have a cardiologist appointment tomorrow for a follow up. On three blood pressure medicines and doing ok but my energy has really gone down hill. I am exhausted and have not done much. I think part weather, not getting out of our apartment and lack of motive. So will have a talk tomorrow to see whats up.
We did get on a waiting list for housing on base where my husband works. It will be a blessing as all downstairs, can get around better (no stairs) so can walk more often and have a yard too. Still the time frame is about 6-9 months but I'm happy for change.
Hope to start therapy again soon which will get me out of this place.
Have to schedule another dr. appointment as having issues with my throat which started with a cold this past Thanksgiving and was random but not all the time. Now everyday issues which make me not eat as much or drink.. not good.
More later.. Praising God for each day!

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Linda said...

I pray you have a very good and useful appointment tomorrow. The housing change sounds very hopeful. Perhaps there is a way to speed up the housing time frame if the circumstances are explained carefully.

Linda in Winnipeg