Thursday, February 24, 2011

Piano Fingers

When I was first born my dad said I had "Piano Fingers". I grew up with family that loved music, playing different instruments from bass drum to violin, to piano/organ along with singing. My first picture taken at the piano I was 3. If I had a scanner I would post it. By age 7, I loved the piano and wanted to play more and more. My aunt Martha took me by the hand and started teaching me. All through my childhood I kept at playing but mainly playing around. I sang more than I played. These are my talented gifts God gave me. To sing and play. Even though now, I have to re-train my vocal chords and throat muscles along with my fingers on my right hand, I still have my love for music. The other day, my husband fixed up my keyboard so I could try to play. I was excited to try and promised not to get frustrated. We didn't know how my right hand would take to moving across the piano keys. A little messy, three of my fingers wanted to hit more keys together, I managed to play chopsticks and a little bit of Für Elise by Beethoven. One of my therapist told me about another patient who used the piano and did very well at progressing. I will practice more but very happy to have this determination.

Here is one of my favorite classical pieces:

Not only do I like classical music I have many songs that I like but too many favorites. I wanted to share two more that have recently brought back memories. The first is "Pass It On" that I played a lot my teen years. Wanting to pass on God's love to everyone. The second song is a song I sang with a group in 2003-2004, "Shout to The Lord" which has been sung by many artists. I don't have a video of me but maybe sometime I will share.

Thanks for reading. May God bless you. Have a great day!


Sharon Brumfield said...

Thanks for coming by for a visit!
I would have loved to learn how to play the piano...Mom sure tried when I was young. Both my mother and grandmother play/played beautifully...I could kick myself for not having stuck with it. Dad would have loved to have a musical family....maybe when we get to heaven we will all be able to play instruments. :)

Linda said...

I am so excited that you have your keyboard set up.
Fur Elise was one of my first attempts at playing too.

Maybe we can keep encouraging each other with our practicing. (finger rehab?)


Hillbilly Handiworks said...

Good for you for trying to play again. I am sure that it will help so much!!

As for "Pass it On" love it...have for years!

Child of God said...

Hi Sara,
My daughter and son play the piano and guitar and I love Fur Elise! So pretty.
I will hold you in my prayers for complete healing.


Tasha Via said...

That's GREAT! So proud of you:)