Friday, September 30, 2011

TSMSS - Holy, Holy, Holy

Holy, Holy, Holy
Written by Reginald Heber, 1826. Tune by John B. Dykes, 1861.

Holy, Holy, Holy! Lord God Almighty!
Early in the morning our song shall rise to thee;
Holy, holy, holy, merciful and mighty!
God in three Persons, blessed Trinity!

Holy, holy, holy! all the saints adore Thee,
Casting down their golden crowns around the glassy sea;
Cherubim and seraphim falling down before Thee,
Who wert, and art, and evermore shalt be.

Holy, holy, holy! tho the darkness hide Thee,
Tho the eye of sinful man Thy glory may not see;
Only Thou art holy; there is none beside Thee,
Perfect in pow'r, in love, and purity.

Holy, holy, holy! Lord God Almighty!
All Thy works shall praise Thy name, in earth, and sky, and sea;
Holy, holy, holy; merciful and mighty!
God in three Persons blessed Trinity! Amen.

Praising God!
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Apartments and Strokes

This apartment is not made for the disabled but we make it work. Right after my stroke we talked a little bit on what changes needed to be made. At the time I was in a wheelchair and could barely walk and could not feel most of my right side. The wheelchair didn't work for me inside but we made do with what we had. The biggest thing rehab in the hospital taught me was how to go up and down the stairs so I could leave my apartment. Over the almost 2 years, whew November is approaching that mark, we have gone back and forth about our apartment. We could not change anything except a few things that could be changed back easily. The benefit for me is making do with what I had made me use what I have with my body, no matter how frustrating.
So what did we change?

The biggest thing is the shower and finally something I can do independently after 1 1/2 years. We had to include a shower chair and a hand held shower-head. Along we added a shower caddy that I got many years ago from a special lady, Josie who has gone to see the Lord. I never thought I would use it but sure came in handy when I needed it the most. Thank you!

We have had to change where food is in the refrigerator, for now. I'm still having stiff legs and makes hard for bending. Plus doesn't help that there is no close counter. So all my food for the day must be on top shelf or the door.
But there has been some light to me and we are seeing small progress between everything I do. The more independent I get, the more I want a new place on the first floor. I am thankful for all we have been through for it has made us all stronger, wiser and closer. But the most important, my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Almighty God has increased significantly. That's for another post.

I pray that you never go through anything like this so take care of yourself. However, if you do, know that you can make it! I am! God bless!

Friday, September 23, 2011

TSMSS - Hillsong

Lead me to the Cross - Thank You Jesus, Lord & Savior

Praising God!
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Every Day

Just doing every day things is therapy. The more I realize I am doing the more motivated I get. I'm still hit or miss on feeling sensation but the days that I feel more I get surprised and happy. To feel a muscle or defined movement=great!

Praising God!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where are we?

So it is September and fall is coming. Where are we?

The weather has been very crazy this year and even now we dealt with very high temperatures and then very low for our highs. At least this week is a constant 80's here unlike last weeks 100+ and 50's as our highs.

My muscles are acting up But, have had some good days and small progress. I am moving my right hand and arm more often. I still have tight muscles and stretching them everyday, as much as I can tolerate. I still need to motivate myself to try and do things around the apartment. Our cats make me work at playing and rubbing their soft fur. We have two toy birds that I get to work on picking up off the floor especially when they leave them in the way of my walking. The bending down and using right hand to pick the object off the ground is great exercise. I have even carried the cats from room to room on my left shoulder as a challenge to not use my cane and focus on balance. I am walking more without my cane, trying at least some everyday, and to go myself to get what I need instead of always asking family to help. I also got a laptop for the bedroom or anywhere I want to sit. The challenge is to use the mouse and type on the keyboard. I'm not always using my laptop because I am usually at my desktop in the living room but it is a nice change. I unloaded the dishwasher, most of it, with my left hand but great exercise for squats and stretching. I am happy to be able to help a little more around the house.

Family is doing well. Our daughter is adjusting to school and good grades. Husband is adjusting to changes at work. We are almost done with some issues but have a few more weeks. Waiting and leaving it to our mighty Lord but prayers are so helpful!

Losing weight - 16 lbs so far. I had almost a month of not loosing any but! I didn't gain either. I am slowly making changes but I never feel like I starve and still get to eat a lot of my favorites just moderation and not everyday as I once did months ago. I am finding that I actually like less sweet and more vegetables and meat. Sweets taste yucky and no more regular soda too! I still need a few more vegetables and fruits through out the week but overall doing great.

Are you reading in God's Word and what are you reading? I am reading with a Chronological plan of God's Word the Bible. I just finished the book of Job and what a wonderful book with many lessons. One major lesson is that God is mighty and commander of all, even the weather. (Job 38-42) Read it or even the whole book of Job, it is not very long. Praise the Lord for His teachings!

Then Job answered the LORD and said:
  “I know that You can do everything,
      And that no purpose
of Yours can be withheld from You."
Job 42:1-2