Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Doctor update 2

First off, please pray for my dad, who is going through recovery from back surgery. Pray that whatever infections and issues are handled quickly. Thanks!

I went to my neurologist to get a follow-up on two MRIs and blood work.
The good news- no blood disorders and nothing that stands out. Everything looks great on paper when it comes to the blood work. My carotid artery looks good and no issues seem to be present.

It's been almost three years since my last MRI which showed my main stroke damaged area and one spot in another area. This is the part that has been hard to take. I've had nine more small strokes sometime in the last three years. I had no idea as there is no physical change that we can tell. I'm still having other issues so it might be that my brain tries to re-write the connections and I have an episode that I cannot see so the connection is not form. However, as much as I can speculate, I will not.

So still no explanation except that I must watch my blood pressure and loose weight. Perhaps another opinion is best so going to speak with my primary care about the findings.

I admit I'm saddened and it's scarey. I'm young, 38, but whatever is going on, God knows. Please pray for me and my family, my husband and daughter. Thanks!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Doctor updates

August was a busy month. Here are some updates:
Sleep Study - In 2005 I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and was severe enough to be placed on a cpap machine which I admit was not fun nor did I use it as much as I should have at the time. I was lucky and highly suggest not doing what I did and follow all doctor instructions. The latest study shows some sleep issues but I'm no longer having the severe sleep apnea. I have moderate snoring and my issues come about when sleeping on my back. Treatment- sleep on side and continue to loose weight, use a nasal spray at night.

Thankful that I have improved with 30lb loss and no longer needing a machine to help me sleep/breathe.

MRI's - had 2 MRI's done the week of the 12th of august. They went fairly fast and the techs were really helpful and pleasant.

Blood work - went to see a Hematologist and wish he could be my regular doctor. He paid attention and asked several questions along with having a sense of humor that went along with me and my family. I had several tests done (14 vials of blood) on the 23rd of August. The office called and said that my tests were negative! and they are forwarding the results to my neurologist.

I go to the neurologist on the 17th of September to discuss the MRI's and the findings of all tests.

Thanking God for all things and know He is in control!