Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hemorrhagic Stroke and health issues

I am not a medical doctor nor have any degree in the medical field. I have my experience of a hemorrhagic stroke and what I have learned by having day to day effects of the stroke. I will not explain everything but to give you awareness as to what can happen when a person does not take care of themselves, like I did.

Strokes affect approximately 795,000 a year, new and re-occurring, 1 in every 18 deaths are because of a stroke, in America alone.
"It's the No. 3 cause of death behind diseases of the heart and cancer" in America. (statistic from the American Heart Association - http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/123/4/e18) For more statistics see website journal or American Heart/Stroke Association.

There are two types of strokes, Ischemic (blood clots) and Hemorrhagic (bleed - ruptured blood vessel). Even among the types there are several ways the stroke can happen as there are many blood vessels in the brain leading to different parts of the brain.
So I had a stroke, November 25, 2009, that is classified as a bleed (Hemorrhagic) but even more so the bleed was deep. *another statistic "Hemorrhagic stroke accounts for about 13 percent of stroke cases." 13% - not that many if looking at the whole picture.
The bleed as I was told was deep and there was nothing they could do without creating more damage to me to make it stop. However, I was lucky! My bleed stopped before I had my CT Scan (Computerized axial tomography) done and the bleed was not constant but boy did that do more damage then your normal cut.
In my last update post I asked if anyone had a question. Most have replied to blog about daily things. I will have to think as I really lead a boring life.
I walk to A - B and sometimes C and D. *chuckles*

Clint from Lyrics of Love and Lore writes: Is there medication that can help prevent strokes like you have experienced?

No and yes - No if you are healthy and have no need for medicine and your doctor has given you a low risk. Strokes affect any age, male or female, healthy or unhealthy, does not discriminate even if medical field puts age limits. But the healthier the better chance to not have a stroke or any other health illness.Yes, medication if there are health issues that need to improve. Improving your health helps to lower your risk for a stroke.

For my stroke, High Blood Pressure was the culprit. I did not keep up with my blood pressure nor did I have money or insurance for many years to keep my health in check. So yes, medicine would have helped my chances if my blood pressure was monitored. My blood pressure was so high at the time of my stroke that there was no measurement for me. By the end of all that went on in the first two months after my stroke, I was on four blood pressure medicines. 4!! Ouch! For the last 8 months I have been on three and more stable but still need to be monitored.

If you have not been to a doctor in the last year or have regular check ups, I urge you to have a complete physical and blood work done and know your numbers. Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, Weight etc. If you do not have insurance look around for free tests and doctors/clinics or ones that have pay plans. Just get checked!

I am improving but still limited use of right hand/arm and right leg. It's not fun and not anything I would want you all to go through.

I forgot to mention last update that my husband and I have started Weight Watchers. I cannot exercise that much so watching what I eat is so important especially if I am going to lose weight.
I hate to admit what a weigh but I started at 235 last Sunday but I am at 226 for the first week. We both did well and are really having fun counting our points and holding each other to this plan of eating healthier.

Time for dinner so I better go for now. Thanks for reading. Hope you are having a great week. God bless you!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Love you. Mom

Child of God said...

Hi Sara,
Thanks for this information!
I don't know too much about strokes so it is nice to read about how one can prevent one by staying healthy and watching weight.
A healthy diet is so important but it sure can be hard to do with all the tempting foods available and with the cost of fresh meat, fruit and veggies.

Thanks for sharing. Continuing to pray for 100% health!


Tonya said...

Thank you for the information Sara. I agree with the comment above. It is so expensive to eat healthy. It is much easier to eat unhealthy when it comes to cost.

I will admit since you did. At last check (when my knee was messed up) I weighed 210. I don't know if Ive lost any or not. I feel for you as I know it is very hard to lose weight when you can't exercise. I hope weight watchers works for you!

Ken said...

Thank you for the info Sara. I guess I need to go get my check up, as it has been over two years.
I pray for your full recovery.

Clint said...

Sara ROCKS!!!

I say that because you have a blog that not only is well-written, it IT INFORMS PEOPLE. I hope you consider that your stroke, although devasting to you and your family, was actually an act of God that was designed to help many others thru your writings.

I am really, really happy that you are dieting successfully. Please keep us advised as to your progress. We love ya!

Irene said...

Thanks for sharing. I just found your blog. Same thing happened to me Aug.2009,I also had a Hemorrhagic stroke due to high blood pressure. So thankful for a second chance at life no matter how difficult.

"All things are possible with God."

Buttons said...

What a great lesson you have shared for all of us Thank you. I am so glad you are doing this no one knows until it happens to them. I am so glad you are doing well. You have a great strength and that is important.
Congrats on the weight loss. Keep up the good work. B

Vilisi said...

Hi there Sara! Thank you for sharing all this useful information. I have posted a link to it in my health blog: http://healthyavatele.blogspot.com/

I hope that my friends and family here on Niue and New Zealand will take time to read it. It goes well with our community objective to walk towards better health. Thank you and God bless. I hope you have a great day today! :)