Thursday, July 21, 2011


Hi All! I hope that you all are having a good month. I haven't kept up with my updates as much as I would like but there really isn't much going on here. We are having very hot days and that means I don't go anywhere unless I must leave our apartment. Talking 100+ temps the last 3 weeks if not more, I stopped counting. We have at least another week if not more according to our weather crew. I'm praying for relief!
School starts August 1st and registration is this week but there are issues at my daughter's new school. They are working on changes to school and getting the A/C working. No teachers have been assigned yet nor is there a bus stop. But kiddo is having some fun today at the local pool with a friend and his family. Pool, snacks and plenty of water! I'm glad she gets to do something even though it has been a hot summer.

As for my therapy, there is a hold so I'm doing what I can at home, daily tasks and trying to do what I remember. Progress is slow but to be honest - I would rather read my Bible and soak up God's word. My day goes so much better when I have spent time reading, asking questions and filling my mind with the Lord. Of course I need to balance my activities and I try. I spend some time on the computer in the afternoon/evening, catching up on blogs/facebook. I just can't get enough of God's word!
Progress - I was going to post some pictures but have not transferred them to the computer so I will tell you instead. I'm walking more without the cane in our apartment. I still have days where I need a little more stability but there has been less days. My husband's days can be filled with work so there are days that I need to take care of me by myself so another progress is - showers independently. Yes I use a chair but it's so nice not to wait on others. I make sure everything I need is in their place and I'm set. I feel good about my foot/stance getting in the shower and can actually use my right hand! Now to work on standing longer - not fun, muscles get tighter the longer I stand. I can feel some muscles but I don't have the outside feeling at least not fully. A little hard to explain that I can feel some things but not everything and not all the time. Makes for difficulties doing regular everyday tasks.

Having a stroke that affects many functions is the most difficult thing I have done in my life and I urge everyone to keep your health in check. I thank God for allowing me to be here and tell others!
So my question is - is there anything you want to know about? I sometimes don't know what to write.
You can e-mail me at  or just leave a comment if you wish. I would like to know if there is something you wish to know about me or my blog etc.

Have a great weekend and try to stay cool!

Prayer requests -
1. That our daughter's school comes together and that the first week goes as smooth as possible.
2. The weather will rain or have some relief for those in drought.
3. For my husband - unspoken. God's direction and favor.
4. For my continued progress - feeling to fully return in right side, balance and use of functions, right hand and foot to work correctly, muscles to release when at rest.

God Bless,


Clint said...

Thank you, Sara, for filling us in. We worry about you. God bless you for all you continue to to endure. Your attitude is phenomenal.

Is there medication that can help prevent strokes like you have experienced?

Ken said...

Hi Sara,
I will be praying.

That heat is something, isn't it? I live in Arizona where above 100 in normal for this time of year, but it sure does seem to be taking a bigger toll on me this year. Come on cooler weather!


Child of God said...

Hi Sara,
Wow it sure is hot where you are! And it is cold where we are! We are between 53 - 71 Fahrenheit and normally we are 95 Fahrenheit at this time of year. I don't mind tho, it is nice.

I will be praying and if you don't mind will put the prayer request up on my blog.

Stay cool girl,

Sara G said...

@CoG - Can I come to you? I really would like to get out some this summer. Thank you for your prayers and yes you may update the prayer request. Have a great weekend!

@Ken - Thank you kind Sir. Last year we had some days in August over 100 but I have never lived with this long of high temps. Our lows have been 79-81 and yes takes a toil on many things including plumbing. Our cold is almost a hot so no need for "hot" water lol.

@Clint - Thank you. I am working on a post to answer your question. The general answer is yes and no so I want to explain. Have a wonderful weekend and give Cindy a hug from me!

Child of God said...

Hi Sara,
Sure come on up for a visit. It is a long drive but it would be beautiful. Don't think you would make it back in time for an August school start. ;P

Praying you get relief from the heat.


Tonya said...

School starts Aug 1st? That is early!! Good grief!! It will be so hot for the kids.

I love to hear your progress reports. I love to hear the little things. Like taking a shower or picking up a button. Give us the day to day things....that helps us get to know you!

Linda said...

It sounds like lots of stuff is going better for you! How nice to be able to take a shower by yourself huh?

I am still having improvement in sensation to the point of being close to normal and that is helping with balance at the 3 year mark so hang in there buddy.

You can come vist with me here where we have some cooler days too. And if you want to come in the winter I can find you a parka, mitts and a cup of hot coca!

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

Hi Sara,
You are in my prayers,please continue your updates . I am not as much for words as I am for pictures; everybody can see that by the content of my But just blog about whatever is going on in your life .
Love & Prayers