Monday, July 11, 2011

Would you? part 2

Please read "Would you part 1" if you have not read the first post.

The lady returned another day, almost in the exact condition if not worse. The young mother was outside with some family members when they were approached. The young mother, not knowing what to do, went back inside the house, leaving her family to deal with this stranger. The mother did this action of running, thinking to herself that her family can deal, they are wiser. They would know what to do. The young mother didn't stay to listen or even think. After all was said and done, pow! A thought smacked her in the face! A thought she will never forget.

"Give to him who asks you, and from him who wants to borrow from you do not turn away."
Matthew 5:42 NKJV

"Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and He will reward them for what they have done." Proverbs 19:17 NIV

You have a loaf of bread and two jars of peanut butter, I thought. You have food, why didn't you look? I had a fear that stopped me from helping. A fear that comes from the media and word from others. She isn't the first nor last I have seen that I could have helped. Most on the street and yes scary but still needs help. Each situation is unique but still have a need. I could tell you more about the people on the street but for now, just think.

Would you? Would you turn away someone that needs help? Would you remember that you have food in your pantry that you can share? Would you have a loaf of bread or some leftovers? Would you take the time to talk with the lady and find out her situation, heat, cooking supplies or how they normally get food? Would you sit with her, talking, sharing life? Would you think about how you can help? Would you share Jesus?


The Beaver Bunch said...

I think it depends on how much of a hurry I'm in. And, I'm much more quick to share physical nourishment than to share the gospel. How sad us that? I eagerly supply them w/ physical sustenance but leave never offering them the spiritual food they so desperately need. Lord, please give me boldness!

Linda said...

Very good story Sara,

I know that I personally do not respond to people directly in the street, but I do try to help in other ways. I support organized shelters and food banks where people can find safe shelter and be encouraged to accept further help if they want it.

In fact my daughters have started their own registered charity called Reclaiming Dignity,where they support emergency needs at local women's abuse shelters. It takes very little to change someones life.

We went to a session where we were encouraged to go out and make a difference no matter how small.. and that anyone can make a difference. It is so true! The ripples can reach so very far!

Tonya said...

Hmmm, I guess it depends on the moment. I will give food but not money. I spent a lot of time in San Francisco one year. There are so many homeless there. It broke my heart. I never share about Christ as much as I should. I need to learn boldness as well.

Clint said...

You're makin' me think again, Sara....I like that.

Child of God said...

Good story! Really sets the mind turning. :)
I am a very quiet, shy person and it seems I don't have a lot to say. :( I tend to give more in the way of food then conversation just because I get all tongue tied. I am sure this is the way God intended me to be because I have ask and asked Him to release my tongue and free up my speech but He hasn't yet. So if I see someone in need and I will give them what I have, but not money as I don't want to see that blown on drugs or alcohol. I use to carry tracks around with me and would add that into the bag of stuff I am handing out. But lately God has not given me these opportunities to give, not sure why but I am hoping He is going to soon and I hope to be able to witness with my mouth instead of through actions. Ultimately in the end He knows best and I trust His ways completely.

Thanks for this story, I love it!


Anonymous said...

I learned along time ago not to beat myself up for not doing something. There was a woman in the neighborhood who worked the streets at night. I saw her regularly. She was murdered across the railroad track. Go easy on yourself. Eventually the right people will find you for help. Love you. Mom

Sara G said...

Thank you all for your comments. I enjoyed reading them and getting to know your experience as well.
This experience made me think of what Jesus would do and I was prompted to share with others. We cannot help everyone but whatever we can do makes a difference. Thanks for reading!

Ken said...

Hi Sara,
This story makes one think. A lot of times we thing the people on the street are just lazy bums, so lets not help. But the truth is, many are there not by their choosing. But it does not matter what their reason for being on the streets, they are still people whom God created and He loves them. It is good to help and show them the Love of Christ.
Thank you for this post and God bless,

Starla Rae said...

Hey sis.. remember the time I had two people off the streets living with me at the Carr house. When they had taken all I had to give they took the last thing that they could my stereo and cds. Sometimes I think about that and realize that I am not meant to help everyone. Sometimes a prayer that the right person or ministry will help them is enough. It does make you think about the circumstances around you.