Saturday, July 9, 2011

Would you? part 1

The wind was blowing through the palm trees and across the road, behind the trees, the river had white cresting waves. Not to hot but not cold, warm, sunny day. The slight breeze touching the bushes ever so slightly, but enough.

The road winded with the river side, sections at a time, each turn and curve. Houses could be seen mostly on the west side of the road but some buildings on the east side hid the river from the view of the road.  A road that was used occasionally by a stray car, bicyclers from the nearby college or the locals walking their morning or late afternoon walk.

On this particular day the traffic was next to none. Inside a house, built by one of God's faithful men many years ago, a young mother and her daughter were tending to daily activities. The front door had a frosted glass that the young mother could see a reflection coming up the driveway. She did not hesitate to wait for whoever was walking on the property. Maybe it would be someone she knew or maybe a stranger. She never knew until the door was opened.

The mother opened the door... another lady was walking up the sidewalk to the porch. She was tall and slender with tattered clothes clinging to her frail looking body. Her light dark skin on her face was matted with her dark black hair, a few strands hanged but it was not the look that caught the mother off guard. A look she had seen many times in her life but usually from the car. It was the stench that was being blown towards the house. A very strong smell of dirt, grime, decomposed food, so strong the mother thought she was going to be sick.

"May I help you?" the mother asked hoping the lady would not come any closer. The lady stopped at the edge of the porch, "I know I smell but I live nearby and" she paused getting something out of her pockets. In her right hand she held an ID, dirty and in the left hand some coins. "Here is my ID if you want to see." She started to hand to the mother but the mother stopped her. "It's okay I do not need to see I believe you." The lady then held out her left hand, "These are yours I found on the property", turning to point up and down the road. "You keep them" the mother did not want to touch nor handle. Just wanted the lady to hurry up and leave. "I have children at home and need some food. I do not have much change" the lady said as she started to tell the mother a little bit about her situation, no work, no food, several children. The mother, still wanting to leave, told the lady she did not have any cash and having no work herself. She was unsure of the lady's story so she told the lady of the places she knew to get help and sent her on her way. Feeling sorry but not thinking of what she really could do to help.


Clint said...

I'm in suspense.

Vilisi@islandmusings said...

Looking forward to the continuation!

Child of God said...

O.o the suspense is killing me.....!

Tonya said...

Well, I am behind on my blog reading at least my suspense wont be as long because I intend to catch up tonight!