Monday, August 19, 2013

Not Good with Words

There are days that struggle seems to be all that happens or can be what is focused on more.

Grief - it comes and goes. While not the same situations or even loss, or how life is handled, this article I found really pinpointed some clarity of dealing with grief and words or what can be done. "what to say when there is nothing to say" Take a moment and read the article by Sarah or book mark for later. May it be helpful.

When the days are good, at least as they can be, and there is much positive words, so wonderful to have those days. However, even at almost 4 years since the stroke, there are many days, weeks or slight moments here or there, the loss of my right side tends to be overbearing. The tears flow, the memories invade my mind and I have to refocus.

Yes, I'm getting some function back but it doesn't stay around as much as I would like or the feeling in my right side changes, some good, some painful, but it's not back full time. I try to explain what my body is doing but the words don't come out right and then there are more tears.

The words are not there, to explain, to say what I need or feel I need or even the words come out wrong. To say what I want done around the house or what puts me at ease. Sometimes, I'm not good with words.


J.L. Murphey said...

Grief is a life long process. It will come and go. Acceptance and moving on also come and go. I'm currently writing Sunday blogs on the grief process as it pertains to stroke survivors. As a minister, I've done a lot of grief counseling to both those with deaths and profound losses. Keep faith. It's the only thing that helps you weather the storms.

child of God said...

Hi Sara,

I'm sorry it is tough right now. Praying God will help you through this with joy in your heart and hope in each day.


Pia said...

sara, it's hard to put into words what we truly feel sometimes. that's okay.

apu mridha said...

Enjoyed reading the post.......Thanks for sharing :)