Thursday, August 18, 2011

Up, Down and Stand still!

Hi All! I hope you are having a great month of August.
We have had a "Weather break" from all those high high temperatures - rain and "cooler" temps. Praise the Lord! We are still in "summer" phase so more normal temps even if 100's but I'm thankful that I was able to get outside a few days. We enjoyed family coming by to see us and had a good meal together. My husband's side of the family that we have not seen since right after my stroke as they live in east Texas. Hopefully we will be able to visit again soon. This week we had news about our moving onto base where my husband is stationed and looks like we could move anytime between now and end of the year. So we are getting closer! I'm excited about the move even if means a lot of changes for us.

In one of my posts I had mentioned health issues, strokes and weight loss. Weight loss can be frustrating but as long as we keep trying and making changes we can do this! My husband and I are enjoying trying new foods and ways to eat/cook. I have frustrated moments because I'm now seeing and reading that the foods I really like are not the best to really eat. There are restaurants we have chose not to eat at due to lack of nutritional information and some that, even if yummy, are just not good especially when trying to be healthy. Smaller portions are getting easier but that second and third weeks were the hardest. Never knew how emotional food makes me *frowns* when I feel like I am depriving myself. So we are working on balance and moderation. Husband has loss 10 lbs and I am at 12 lb loss! We can tell and want to keep at it!

Therapy - Progression - very slow even though others can tell a difference. I feel like not doing enough or that I am being lazy. Our apartment is small, not a lot of room to do anything but walk between rooms and exercise on bed. So frustrating. Outpatient therapy is on hold for now. I do what I can and work on what I remember to do. I think the most frustrating part is after therapist show you the exercise or tell you what you need to do, you get home and then cannot figure out how to do what they said with what you have at home. I wish I had a home therapist at least for one visit so they can help me figure out how?!

Life changed so much and God is working on me. Even though it has been a roller coaster and still have moments of anger, guilt, sadness. Honestly, I would not change what has happened. This journey is a learning process and God loves me so much to allow me a second chance. A second chance to know the Lord, His Son Jesus and the Living Word.

Have a wonderful week and weekend! May God bless you,


Belinda said...

Hey!!! Good for you! Keep up the good work Sara. BTW, I'm digging your blog backdrop.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all are making progress. 12 pounds, oh, that would be wonderful, and 10 for your hubby.

Glad to hear your update.

Clint said...

You go girl! Congrats on your weight loss!

Any idea where you might be reassigned?

Child of God said...

Congrats on the weight loss!! I too am on food restrictions and it is amazing to see how certain foods comfort us. :s I love Kraft peanut butter, but cannot eat this any more so I have switched to all natural just peanuts but it just isn't the same. :(

Praying and praying for you,

Tonya said...

Congrats, sounds like you are doing a great job! Hang in there and keep in touch!