Monday, August 1, 2011

August 1

Hi all! A short note today - it's Hot! and even the rest of the week even hotter. I'm a little bit behind in reading blogs and trying to stay in touch but it's hot!

Daughter had first day at school and was smiling this morning. She was all ready to go and got to see several friends from last year. They all have started a new school and season - the 3rd grade! My dad, Papa, took pictures and got to meet her teacher and see the school. I stayed home as I did not sleep well last night.

This heat is getting to me but I went to church yesterday. The best Sunday I have had in.. well years! I hope you all have had a great weekend. Time for a new month and time for me to sit in front of the fan.

Please pray for relief to all dealing with drought and this heat wave. Have a great week!!
God bless you all!


Tonya said...

I am so glad that you had a great Sunday...even if it was HOT. Supposed to be 107 here tomorrow. UGH.

Clint said...

Oh, gosh Sara. This summer is oppressive---but no where worse than Oklahoma. Hang in there. October is just a few weeks away.

Vilisi said...

Hi Sara, I hear you! I have my fan turned on even at night sometimes, to help me sleep. We are having our 'winter' now in the southern hemisphere so the heat is not too bad right now. I sure hope you get some relief from the heat soon.It can be draining.
Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such sweet and encouraging comments. I hope you have a great day today. :)

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Pia said...

hi sara. i was told that it's scorching there sometimes. it goes up to 40 degrees celcius. that is hot! take care, sara.

Crown of Beauty said...

I am praying God will keep you safe in this heat.

Your simple post was a delight to read.

I thought school starts in September. But anyway, I am sure your daughter is excited to be back with her school friends.

Blessings on your week... Happy August, Sara.