Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Thankfulness, Teeth and Tornadoes

Today is Wednesday, May 25, 2011... almost done with the month of May, wow! So today I'm thankful for another day to share the Lord's glory and more opportunities with my family and friends. For the storms, needed rain but that they weren't as bad as they could have been, they were bad enough. Thankful for God's strength and a place for refuge.
"God is our refuge and strength,
         A very present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1

Thankful that my Cardiologist visit was good, EKG was good and strong, waiting for blood tests to come back, whether good or not so great. For the last year have seen my Dr. every 3 months but now it's every 6 months, yay! Kiddo's last dentist visit is tomorrow and then she will have a good mouth again. Thankful she is following directions and doing so well. Thankful that we were able to get our medical needs met.

Yesterday started out as a good day. Good weather, a little windy, good Dr. visit and dealing with walking around the parking garage, to the different floors of the hospital and back to the windy parking garage. I had energy and did not stop except to sit in the waiting rooms and ride elevators. That is a first since my stroke. Yay I'm happy to know that I am improving with my breathing and walking. Another thankful! We did cancel my therapist appointment due to Dr. appointment and we did not know about the weather. Hubby took me out to lunch at Applebee's and was yummy chicken and rice. Then we went home and had a short nap. But I'm glad we cancelled my appointment as my daughter's school let out early and at the same time the first storm flared up. We decided to go to our friend's apartment but as time ticked on we realized that if the tornadoes came this way we would be in trouble. Hubby and I decided it was best to leave. We found our local television station on the AM station and listened while we road. Watching maps and tracking where storms were, from west and so we headed south. Then a storm from south so east we went and glad we did. Between the maps, listening to radio and calling my dad in Florida, we escaped to a McDonald's about 100 miles from home. We watched and waited, two storms went around us and then we had a feeling it was time to head back. Whew dodged two more storms on the way back. Did I freak out, nope! Did my emotions flare, nope! All at home was okay but there are those who were less fortunate.

Yes I'm thankful but I'm praying and ask you to do the same, for those who have lost their family and friends, their homes and necessity items and dealing with the emotions that come with storms. Please pray for a mother and two sons, who are in critical need and her 3 year old son who is still missing after a tornado came through their neighborhood in Piedmont, OK. Pray today for those having storms to deal with and that everyone stays safe. Thank you and God bless!
"Not unto us, O LORD, not unto us,
         But to Your name give glory,
         Because of Your mercy,
         Because of Your truth."
Psalm 115:1


Child of God said...

Hi Sara,
Glad to hear that you are safe. I will be praying for these families that are not as fortunate.

Great to also hear about your breathing walking! Thank you Father!!


Tonya said...

We had our round here this afternoon. Glad you are safe and back home!

Clint said...

My goodness---Oklahoma has suffered this tornado season! So glad y'all are safe.