Monday, May 9, 2011

First week of May

I hope you all had a great week this first week of May. Between our daughter's dentist appointment, my therapy sessions and school/work, was semi busy. When my family is at home I tend to do all I can with them, from playing games, watching movies and doing things around the house. It's hard sometimes to say "I'm going to read" or whatever I want to do. My family follows me around our apartment no matter what but because they don't like to leave my side. This might be too much information but I want to share. We have bathroom "parties" or did for a long time because of my stroke, there is usually one family member with me. *laughs* I finally asked them to give me a few moments. This practice was ok at first when I really needed help, guess it stuck.
So a few things:

Kiddo had a dentist appointment, both last Monday and today.  She was such a trooper!! Much better than I ever was and she did not complain at all about anything. We came across this dentist through our insurance program. I'm so thankful that she is close and she does great work with Krista. We all like going there!

Twice this week I had therapy and each day brings more challenges. I have two therapists, my main ones, but occasionally I have someone new. New people = New exercises but same concept. Occupational therapy for me has been lots of stretching my right arm and hand including back. I have started to work on some finger exercises, like moving the basketball around me. We also did arm pulley, not sure proper name but what I call it.

In physical therapy, we worked on my right leg balance and stretching muscles. My heel got a good stretching which has helped to bring some feeling awareness to that area of my foot. We used the wall/door and then on Thursday we used a two inch high board that gave me enough stretch that felt really good. I placed my right foot on a slope like almost stepping up but using the step as a prop. Then my left foot on the other side of the board going down. Hard to explain but felt great. We also did lots of squats that by end of session my core muscles were screaming at me. We used different size balls for me to pick up and place on some tubing. We had an issue with my heel of right foot wanting to come off floor, mostly because my muscles are so tight but I kept going and trying. Mentally and physically challenging, so glad! I am called the warrior around the gym. *chuckles* Only with God's strength!

We ended this week with Mother's Day. We didn't do anything much but I was surprised a lot and then became emotional. My daughter gave me a bag she colored a hill with a tree, lovely green, brown and blue sky. She also made me a card that had a note inside of love and missing me while at school. Inside she gave me a butterfly that she made in art, beads and a clothes pin. Made me think of a song that my grandmother and great aunt would dedicate to me on my birthday (May 14). I had to share it. I also got flowers, another card and chocolate turtles.

If I Were a Butterly

There is so much more to say about this week and the month is just getting started. God is working! He is so good, mighty and is love. Praises and thankfulness to the Lord for all He does and will do for us.
Now to start a new week with therapy tomorrow but for now some lunch and reading this afternoon.

God bless you and keep you!


Nana's Nuggets said...

HI! Sara, sounds like you are doing great! And the simplicity of children! I love it! Have a great week, one day at a time!

Child of God said...

Hi Sara,

Sounds like a fantastic start to May. Glad to hear there is progress with the therapy, stretching muscles and getting things moving.

Funny you say this about your family following you around the apartment! My kids follow me around and they are 15 and 18! It is like they are glued to my side. I love it though, for it is very special and precious. Enjoy it because one day they will fly the nest.

Continuing to pray for you! ;)

Love that butterfly song, really cute!


Belinda said...

I miss my kids following me wait, LMW does that now. Ha!
Glad to hear you are making progress with your therapy!

Clint said...

Maybe the NBA is in your future! You look great!

Tonya said...

It took forever to convince my husband to let me take baths alone after Stephen was bored. If he had to watch him, then he would come sit in there with me.
My family never leaves, even for school and still follows me around. All day. My daughter is 21 and it's been that way for that long. I guess we are just a close bunch. We do everything together. Well, I do get to go into the little girls room alone at least!