Thursday, June 9, 2011

Before my stroke...

"Before I was afflicted I went astray,
         But now I keep Your word. "
Psalm 119:67

I'm studying Psalm 119 using Sweeter Than Chocolate: Psalm 119 by Pam Gillaspie - Speaker, Author and Precept Leader. This particular verse grabbed my attention.
Before my stroke I had moments that I thought I was doing well with life and even had plans to get my life back on track. Yes, I had made mistakes and more mistakes. I tried to do what was right and even what I thought I should be doing. (The going back to church, somewhat praying and reading) However, there was a problem. I didn't fully believe forgiveness. I was still in this me phase and I was on the fence, maybe even hanging on the wrong side. I didn't dig or even look... just didn't think God would forgive those horrible mistakes. I didn't know but why would God forgive me for breaking His commandments.

"Before I was afflicted I went astray" - yup that was me even from age 14 maybe younger... I wanted my way. I turned from my Lord even felt sorry for my actions but I still didn't know God's ways and His love for me. Oh I was in church at a young age and even sought to learn what I could and sing His praises every chance I got. I accepted and believed in Jesus Christ at age 7, baptized and fully loved the Lord. As I grew up. I stopped learning. I am paying for all my decisions BUT

"But now I keep Your word." - Since my stroke, when I was more aware of what was going on, I have been amazed. I'm alive. The body is a complex organ. But most important, I fully believed. I don't know what happened during my phasing in and out but I knew the most important thing was get back into God's word and learn. He has opened my eyes and brought me to the light. I'm not perfect. Anytime I do something not correct or have this stirring inside me, I ask for forgiveness. Learning more as there is so much but memorizing is one way to keep God's word along with spending time in prayer and reading. (Jeremiah 3-4 God wants us to return to Him)

Thank you Father for Your ways, testimonies, and commandments. May we learn and apply, continually learning and seeking Your ways. Thank You for loving me.


Clint said...

This is a beautifully expressed testimony. God bless you.

Tonya said...

Wow, don't you just get chills when a verse speaks right to you? I have had a couple of those lately. I am trying to be better about getting back into His Word...Daily. I spend more time with blogs than I do God. Not good. So, now I've banned my computer from myself except first thing in the morning after breakfast, then again at bedtime. There, now I've told you so you can keep me accountable!

Nana's Nuggets said...

Hi! Sara, happy to get back to commenting, I enjoyed your story! But to me serving Christ is one day at a time, thats how we grow, learning from our mistakes, picking up and moving on..and the forgiveness thing has already been's like when He died for us forgiveness was in the package, whether we understand it or not! but that is the victory, mercy and grace that has He has given us as well, our duty is to accept, and believe those promises for us! God is Good. Have a great wk-end!

Crown of Beauty said...

Sara, I really loved this post.
Since we just "met" over at Clint's blog, I still do not know you very well. So this post has given me a good starting point to get to know you more.

Psalm 119 is one of my favorite psalms, too.

Blessings on your day...

Stay strong, and may God fill your heart with peace.

Much love

Ken said...

Hi Sara,
I love hearing peoples testimonies and thank you for sharing as it is a blessing to me. It is awesome that God saves us.

But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
Rom 5:8

God bless,