Monday, January 17, 2011

A New Start

I have done My Space and Facebook but something is not right for me so here is to a new start! I wanted a place to share my story and how this life can go from "normal" to a new way of life. I plan on writing my story more in detail, while might take some time I will write. 14 months ago Nov. 25, 2009, the day before Thanksgiving, I was standing in an unfamiliar place with my daughter, my fiance', his dad, and two sisters. We were on our way to eat dinner when I felt something different crawl up my right leg... (more soon) but boom I was having a stroke but never was I truly afraid. Thankful to God for this journey and for being with me all the way. Now, my husband and I are celebrating One year anniversary (Jan. 17, 2010). I may not be "normal" or perfect but he is still here doing all he can for me. Thanking God for bringing us together.

More later!

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