Friday, August 17, 2012

2-week Evaluation (Physical Therapy)

Today marked 2nd week of therapy for this round and they did an evaluation. In my first evaluation I scored a 41 out of 56 points. I did great on the standing still portion but the balance/moving area I needed improvement. I have done exercises every day with stretches and either therapy sessions or bike pedals on alternating days. In today's evaluation I scored a 46 out of 56. My goal was a 3 point change but ended with a 5 point gain. I've had increased feeling in my right side over the last 2 weeks and loosening of my tight muscles. I'm so excited that there are changes happening.

Today we also introduced the single prong cane and I will try to use this around the house more. I did not have any problems using the one at therapy. We also used the Bioness L300 to stimulate my right knee and leg muscles to help with my walking (gait) and toes to lift higher. WOW!! I'm shocked literally but also shocked in how my leg and foot responded. When we were setting the equipment up I had to go through different wavelengths and positions so I had some intense sensations and sometimes my foot would turn right and quick. When my therapist would turn the setting off my foot would then snap back to center. My husband, daughter, and I all laughed several times whenever my foot was turned and then released. Too funny but I thank the Lord that my muscles were responding to the stimulation.

I then was asked to walk around the area and what a big change! I was walking so much better and my steps were definitely changed from my regular steps. We were so amazed at the response and it felt wonderful. I then walked in the parallel bar area with a mirror to practice more with my spacing of my steps. We will continue stimulating and my next goals for walking are with single prong and then no cane. Even after taking the system off my leg, I still could feel the difference. I pray that this continues. Thank you Lord for this new season!


Child of God said...

Great news!! Praise God!! Continuing to pray!


Pia said...

Hi sara. Said a prayer for you. I'm believing with you for healing and quick recovery. I love you, my dear precious friend.