Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Update

An update of sorts. As a family we are working on unpacking and dealing with bugs (spiders, ants and whatever else shows up) in our rental home. I'm not fully able to do household chores so I've tried to direct my husband and daughter how to do tasks that I would have normally took on myself. I've had to learn to not be so picky and let them learn how to do daily tasks. Letting go has not been easy and frustration creeps in when I look around. Tasks unfinished and so I try to do them or I end up complaining that I'm being ignored. I know there are things that they want to do and things I want to do but order is what I'm needing. Cleaning is not fun but as I know, having a clean ordered home makes for several days of enjoyment.

My blood pressure has been lower (95-115/ 58-76) and at times I have wanted to just sleep the day away. We lowered my medicine and for the past week I have been feeling better. We also changed two other meds a few weeks ago and so far doing well with no major side effects.I won't know how things are really going until August when have blood tests and doctor visits. I will also finally get to see a neurologist and hopefully get some therapy started to help focus on my issues. I'm still having issues of: balance, lack of feeling or full feeling, muscles spasms and tightness, pain mainly in shoulder/back, right hand function. Most of the issues go together or affect each other. With some feeling or lack of feeling, makes tasks harder like walking, exercises and fine motor function. I have almost full range of arm but small tasks with hand need work. I have a lot of pins and needles sensation and we are trying to work on my feeling. Almost every day my husband will mess with my hand and arm. He will touch different areas and ask me what do I feel when not looking. This activity exercises my brain and requires me to think about what is going on. Part of recovering is to have repetitive sessions of feeling activities. I'm hoping that one day I will not only feel in muscles but the outside skin feeling also. We have seen small improvements in my hand and fingers. I now can almost tell which finger he is pulling on. Walking is still a work in process. I feel different muscles and every day something different but I am starting to feel my heel. We are hoping that these small improvements continue showing.

I'm not getting out as much as I was when we first moved here. I wish I could say that I could just up and go but that is not how I am. I have issues in the morning with waking up and my throat. Another issue that came after having the stroke but not for almost a year. Then my pills, one with two meals and one for breakfast and one for dinner. A new routine (one has to be 30 minutes before two meals) started a month ago that we are finally getting used to me taking but still can be a pain. I have to use my tray for some to make sure I have taken them because I forget very easily.

Not a full update but that's just part of what we are doing. I thank the Lord for every day that is given to me. I'm reading my bible all the way through for the first time. I'm a little more than half way but every day is great to read a few chapters and think about what God has said. I'm in the book of Isaiah and just recently read chapter 53. Written before Jesus but about Him. Read it sometime.

May you have a wonderful weekend.


Child of God said...

Hi Sara,
Nice to hear from you. This sounds like such a rough journey but you have such a great attitude about it. :)

Praying for you girl. Keep working at it, little improvements are so worth it.


Pia said...

hi sara. (((hugs))) please take care of yourself. praying for you. love ya!

Linda said...

It is very exciting that you are getting some feeling back. I know what you mean about the difficulties taking pills and remembering if you took them. For the longest time my teenage daughter was sorting them out for me at night. She left them with the sweetest little encouraging notes for me.

Take it easy and try and enjoy the summer.