Friday, September 30, 2011

Apartments and Strokes

This apartment is not made for the disabled but we make it work. Right after my stroke we talked a little bit on what changes needed to be made. At the time I was in a wheelchair and could barely walk and could not feel most of my right side. The wheelchair didn't work for me inside but we made do with what we had. The biggest thing rehab in the hospital taught me was how to go up and down the stairs so I could leave my apartment. Over the almost 2 years, whew November is approaching that mark, we have gone back and forth about our apartment. We could not change anything except a few things that could be changed back easily. The benefit for me is making do with what I had made me use what I have with my body, no matter how frustrating.
So what did we change?

The biggest thing is the shower and finally something I can do independently after 1 1/2 years. We had to include a shower chair and a hand held shower-head. Along we added a shower caddy that I got many years ago from a special lady, Josie who has gone to see the Lord. I never thought I would use it but sure came in handy when I needed it the most. Thank you!

We have had to change where food is in the refrigerator, for now. I'm still having stiff legs and makes hard for bending. Plus doesn't help that there is no close counter. So all my food for the day must be on top shelf or the door.
But there has been some light to me and we are seeing small progress between everything I do. The more independent I get, the more I want a new place on the first floor. I am thankful for all we have been through for it has made us all stronger, wiser and closer. But the most important, my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the Almighty God has increased significantly. That's for another post.

I pray that you never go through anything like this so take care of yourself. However, if you do, know that you can make it! I am! God bless!


Child of God said...

Hi Sara,
Sometimes it is better if there isn't conveniences for it makes us work. When I was in RA flare I pushed myself really hard. Even though it really hurt and the pain was a 10 I made myself run and train in Taekwondo. My doctor told me that because of my pushing and not babying myself I was in better shape and had an advantage over those who pampered themselves. Now 5 years later, with a diet change I am in remission. I owe all of this to God for I had many people praying for me and I claimed health.

I think you are amazing! You are doing such a great job at healing and you will get there. Keep pushing and always give 100% glory to God Himself.

Praying for you sister,

Clint said...

You are an inspiration to us all. You've come a long way thru faith and determination. Praise God.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Others that haven't been through just cannot imagine the small changes that have to be made to make life work for you. I only couldn't walk for 4 weeks and that was horrible. Hang in there,and I am glad that you trust God through all of this.

Jen said...

My husband is the one going through this, as he had a stroke in January of this year. But I feel as if I've gone through every step with him. It's incredibly difficult to watch the love of my life struggle for his dignity and to reclaim his abilities. Yet God gives us new grace every day. I love that you include encouragement from the Word in every post! Keep it up!